Friday, October 1, 2010

Quick Update

Hi Everyone,

I wanted to let you all know that with a lot of prayer and thought, I have decided to stop blogging. This January would have been 3 years of blogging about, "Saving 4 My family." I initially started the blog because I loved to see how much food and household items I could get for next to nothing. This last year Erika and I made the switch to posting about Living Organic and Natural as possible. I've learned so much about why it's important to eat and buy beauty products that are Organic and Natural, and truly read every ingredient in the food and products we buy. Seriously, there is some crazy JUNK out there and manufacturers are allowed to sell it. Ok, I won't go there, but you know what I mean.

The reason I made this decision is because I don't have enough time right now to keep up with posting grocery deals, coupon releases, and organic living. To do a savings blog right requires about 2-6 hours a day of keeping up with these deals which Erika and I have shared, but now I am started to feel like I can't keep up with it.

I have my 2 little ones at home, 2 women's bible studies a week now, and I volunteer every other week at church. I also, schedule date nights with my husband at least once to every other week and family get together's. I have some hobbies like knitting that I'm excited to get back into and crocheting which is a new to me and extremely difficult. I have some serious organizing projects I need to get cracking on and setting a schedule for myself, devotion before the girls get up, and a routine for them.

I hope you all continue to follow this blog and Erika's post. She is a wise sister-in-law and I have learned so much from her and many others who have commented and emailed us.

Here are a few Saving Tips to pass along:

  1. Buy in Bulk (shop through Azure HERE, especially if you live in Happy Valley) or go to Bob's Red Mill.
  2. Buy bread from Dave's Killer Bread Co. I buy 12 loaves for about $1.50 each and freeze them. This last our family of 4 for about 2 months. The bread is Organic and made without preservatives, and is DELICIOUS of course. Also, sign up for the newsletter and you will get coupons in your email HERE.
  3. Make a weekly Menu Plan and shop according to that. This will help you organize your grocery shopping, your family meals, and keep the peace!!! Thanks Erika for inspiring me in this.
  4. Make your own Freezer Jam from the Summer berries you pick.
  5. Buy Organic & Natural beef/poultry from New Seasons, Fred Meyers, and QFC when it's on sale. Watch the ad's and you will notice the patterns when you should stock up!
  6. Can your own Pasta sauce, I'm doing that now  HERE with my tomatoes and it's fun!
  7. Get FREE Organic Coupons HERE, and buy the Chinook book!
  8. Stock up on pantry items when they are at their lowest price.
  9. Set a budget or do the Cash Envelope system, whatever works best for you.
  10. Last but not least, go on Date Nights with your Spouse or your friends. I have been using Groupon HERE, like crazy. My husband and I went out twice this week, once with the fam and once alone and yes it was on a budget and we HAD FUN!!
I hope this post will inspire you to continue on this journey to buy Organic and Natural as much as possible, but to still enjoy all that life has to offer!



Emily said...

I rarely comment, but I have enjoyed following this blog, especially once you started the more organic focus.
I will miss your posts, Christina! Your writing was always full of energy, and I could tell you put time & thought into it. I totally understand your reasons for cutting back, though. You have your priorities in the right place. Thanks for all your help! Enjoy those kiddos!!

Karena said...

Sad to see you go. I started couponing in April and decided to figure out what "level" fit with my lifestyle. Frankly...none of it really does. Shortly thereafter I decided to start eating more healthy. I've widdled by blog following down to two. Yours is one of them. Again, I'm sad to see you go, but happy to learn that the blog will continue. I seriously don't see how any of the bloggers do it time-wise. Perhaps there is a way for the readers to chip in (even in a miniscual way) to help with the time factor. I don't know. Anyway...good luck!

Anonymous said...

I love your organic inspirations and have enjoyed reading your posts. Thank you so much.