Thursday, August 26, 2010

Organic & Natural Living Thursday

This is a repost, but I thought it would be helpful for those of you who are new here.

One of the complaints we hear a lot about buying natural and organic food is "it's too expensive!". While it is true that organic food is more expensive, there are lots of places to find coupons for it!

Here's a list of places to find Natural & Organic coupons:
  • Chinook Book - You can find this at New Seasons and Bob's Red Mill (I'm sure other places too, but I know those ones for sure). It's a lot like an Entertainment Book, but for natural, organic, and eco-friendly kinds of places. It has coupons for everything from organic food products to stores like New Seasons, Haagens and local co-ops to local eco-friendly type businesses. It's $20, and I've found it to be well worth the price.
  • Mambo Sprouts - Sign up for their quarterly coupon booklet. They also have printable coupons on their website and occasionally email coupons to you when you sign up.
  • All You printable coupons
  • Whole Foods printable coupons - If you have a Whole Foods near you, they have their own store coupons that you can stack with manufacturer coupons.
  • Delicious Living printable coupons
  • Organic Valley Co-op -They release new coupons (I think) twice a year. Don't print them until you know you will use them.
  • Fred Meyer Naturally Preferred magazine - this is a free monthly magazine found in the Natural & Organic area of the store..
  • Coupons by products - I've found lots of great organic coupons sitting by the products in Fred Meyer and New Seasons. Remember to watch for them while you are shopping.
  • Healthy Clippers coupon booklet - You can find this at New Seasons. Ask if they have any if you don't see it sitting out.
  • Sunday paper - Don't forget that there are many companies that offer an organic version of their products. A couple examples: Snyder Pretzels, Classico pasta sauce, Hidden Valley salad dressings. Just use the manufacturers coupons on their organic varieties!
  • Company websites - Want to buy (for example) Annie's Mac & Cheese, but don't have a coupon? Check their website for a link to a coupon! Lots of companies have links to coupons if you search their website for it.
  • Email companies and ask if they would send you a coupon - Christina has done this a lot and has received some great coupons!
Also, check out Organic Food Coupons . It's a great resource when you are searching for specific organic coupons. Leave a comment if you've found other ways to score organic coupons!



Debi Clark said...

THANK YOU!! I'm going to have to print this out or something just so I can remember where to check for coupons.

I love your blog and am sharing it with others who are trying to save money and eat better!

Keep it up! Thanks a ton!

Laura said...

Another BIG thank you! I bookmarked this post so that I can go back and check on what's available before I make my weekly shopping list.

Anonymous said...

I am thrilled that you are able to shop at a whole foods that will allow you to stack store coupons and manufacturer coupons together. I am in Hillsboro and they have made a scene every time I have diligently tried this.

Is it possible you might list for us the Portland metro stores that will allow you to stack store and MQs?

TIA... and keep up the great work!!