Friday, August 27, 2010

The end of Summer is near...

We've spent the last couple weeks at the beach on a much anticipated vacation.  I can hardly believe that there is just one more full week of Summer before school starts, and we are back to routine and reality.

But for now, I'm savoring the last days of summer with my family.

Aspen 6 years
Aspen will be starting 1st grade this year.  He loves catching bugs and observing them in his "bug catchers".  He is so proud of his accomplishment of learning to ride a bike this summer.

Journey 3 1/2 years
Journey is my little mommy.  She's happy, imaginative and loves to play with her animals and babies. 

Willow 1 year
Willow so full of life and, but is quite the handful!  She's the first of my three to crawl (you can see that she took a tumble down some stairs!), and is not happy unless she has my full attention.  She would make a perfect only child  :)

This is the crazy bunch I've been blessed with.  As any Mom would say, it's a lot of work, but SO worth it. 


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Pam said...

Love the pics! The kids are getting SO big! Can't believe Willow is one already! I remember last year waiting to hear the news on here...CRAZY! I really appreciate your blog. Now with having my 3rd little one, I've slowed down a bit on the bargain hunting. Hoping to pick it up again when school starts!