Sunday, October 3, 2010

Azure order for September

I've said this before, and I'll say it again.  I LOVE, LOVE, LOVE Azure!

This month, I splurged and got some buttermilk pancake mix.  I've been making pancake/waffle mix from scratch for the past couple years, but with Aspen in school and taking a lunch every day, our mornings are busy. 

I figured this is one way to make things easier on myself.  Because as some of you may remember, we don't do cereal at our house :)

Here's what I got at Azure for (technically) September.

1  5 gallon bucket  $4.60
3  Gamma lids (fit on any 5 gallon bucket to make it easy to store & get to your food)  $6.50 ea
5 lbs  Dried pineapple  $14.10
5 lbs  Dried dates  $7.75
10 lbs Organic buttermilk pancake mix  $17.30
5 lbs  Rumford baking powder  (aluminum free)  $11.95
25 lbs Organic oats  $16.40
2 lbs Roasted peanuts  $4.40
6 lbs Mozzarella cheese  $17.15
3 cans Muir Glen organic tomato paste  $1.15 ea
1 lb Organic couscous  $3.20
4 oz  Raw Goat cheese feta  $3.10
Total  $122.90


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