Thursday, March 18, 2010

Organic & Natural Living Thursdays!

I wanted to make a quick post on "Organizing Your Organic Coupons." Since I have the Binder method for all my other coupons (here), I really wanted to sort out Organic Coupons as well. Erika recently bought the purple poly expander at Fred Meyers for $2.69 and I like how small & portable it is so I went & got one for myself too! Now I just need to use her label maker, ha!

Sorting my coupons

Labeling My Coupons & Cash for my $250
Grocery/Household Monthly Budget

I hope this inspires you to Organize your Organic Coupons from your other coupons. Sometimes it's nice to keep them separate & to start a cash envelope system for your Grocery/Household budget. I would love to hear how you organize your coupons. Please leave a link if you have a post.


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Money4thisnot4that said...

I use the same system that you show in your photo. I need to do another post to explain my newest step I have taken.
I clip everything out that I will for sure use, for instance something I buy often or am in need of ASAP. Everything else stays in the insert then I file it away.
I check sales before I go and make sure I have them or get them clipped.
If you go here you can see more detail on what other things I am doing. It's an ever changing process I think. Wouldn't you agree?
I need to read up more on your organic coupons. I haven't started that yet, but GREAT idea.