Thursday, March 18, 2010

Organic & Natural Living Thursdays!

It's Organic & Natural Living Thursday and I wanted to share with you a Farm in Se called Zenger Farms. I've been wanting to stop by this urban farm for some time and decided to give Zenger Farms a call. I wanted to take a class on Organic Gardening 101, but they are not offering one at this time. However, there are several other classes they are offering if your interested and live in the area. Don't forget if you have the Chinook Book you can get $5 off on any class at Zenger pg#C-267). Plus every Friday from 2-5 PM you can take a tour of the Farm. (Self-guided tours from 2-4 and guided tours from 4-5 PM. I think this would be fun with the kiddos.)

One great thing I learned is that you can volunteer your time to feed the chickens, let them out of their cages, and clean up in exchange for their Organic Eggs. What a great deal!!

Also, between 3/14-3/20th you can help support local businesses and the farm by eating at some Portland restaurants.

Thursday, March 18th
Pine State Biscuits, 3640 SE Belmont Street
Portland Nursery, 5050 SE Stark Street
(also, there are coupons for the Portland Nursery in the Chinook Book pg#253)

Friday, March 19th
Toast, 5222 SE 52nd Avenue
Concentrates, Inc., 2613 SE 8th Avenue

Saturday, March 20th
Opening day of the PSU Portland Farmers Market, and the first day of spring! Head to Tastebud's wood fired oven and enjoy a tasty snack featuring Zenger produce!


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Diana said...

We just went to Zenger Farms today, for a homeschool field trip! It was so much fun! I would recommend it to everyone! You can read about our trip at my blog: