Tuesday, November 2, 2010

Fred Meyer 10/31 - 11/6

Bulk Almonds  $2.99/lb
*great price!

Imagine Foods Organic Soup or Broth  $2.50

Starbucks Coffee  $6.99  (organic variety available)
Use $1 mfq
Final Price:  $5.99

Bob's Red Mill 5lb Flour  $2.50

Naturally Preferred Organic Eggs  $3.49

5 lb box Satsuma Mandarins  $4.77  (not clean 15, but not dirty dozen)

Jumbo Cabbage  $.19/lb  (clean 15)

Private Selection Organic Salad  $2.50

Oceanspray Fresh Whole Cranberries  12oz   $2
(these freeze great)

Organic Anjou or Bartlett Pears  $.98/lb


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Aimee said...

There are good deals on organic coffee this week at Fred Meyer! Both Green mountain and Newman's are 50% off making both $5.99/lb. At the store I found the organic Javatopia is also on sale. Javatopia is $7.49/lb, but there was a store issued yellow coupon by the coffee for $3 off per pound (up to 4 lbs.) making this coffee $4.49/lb!