Thursday, September 23, 2010


It's been a while since I've posted a picture of my shopping trips.  Yesterday, I had the opportunity to do some shopping alone.  So much more fun! 

We are pretty stocked on the basics thanks to Azure, but were in need of some snacky food.  I love Trader Joes for that kind of stuff!  Please forgive the quality of the picture.  My camera broke and my phone doesn't take very good pictures.

Trader Joes
TJ's Cinnamon Cookies  $2.49
TJ's String Cheese  $3.49
TJ's Multigrain Crackers  $1.69
2 Volpi Pepperoni  $2.79 (if you make your own pizza, I highly reccomend this pepperoni)
TJ's rice cakes  $1.49
TJ's Wasabi Peas  $2.29
1 lb. Roasted Almonds  $4.69
1 lb. Sesame Honey Almonds  $4.99
2 Lemons $.39 ea
3 lbs.  Organic Sweet Potatoes  $3.69
Total:  $31.18

New Seasons
Organic Valley Orange Juice  $3.99
2  Pacific Valley Organic Chicken Broth  $1.99 ea
Emerald Valley Organic Salsa  $2.50
Organic Pears  $.78
Green Lakes Organic Beer  $6.49

-$1 Organic Valley mfq
-$1/2 Pacific Valley IP
-$.55 Emerald Valley peelie
Final Price:  16.14


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