Sunday, September 12, 2010

Fred Meyer: Naturally Preferred Magazine!

(picture: courtesy of QueenBee coupons)

Fred Meyer September Naturally Preferred Magazine is a free magazine found in the Organic & Natural section. You can find Organic coupons and articles about Organic eating and the benefits, recipes and what to buy during this Organic Season!

This months coupons are:

$1/2 Dr.Oetker Organic baking Mixes exp: 10/31/10

$1/2 Simply Organic Spices exp: 3/31/11

$1 off 1-box (2 bar pouch) Cliff Crunch exp: 12/31/10

When the Simply Organic & Dr.Oetker coupon was released last year, I noticed that I got these products fairly inexpensive at New Seasons. So watch for deals coming within the next couple of months.


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