Thursday, September 9, 2010

Azure Standard for September

Wow, I just realized that next Tuesday is the order cut off day for the Azure order for the month.  Between vacation, Labor Day and school starting, this month is already getting away from me! 

So, for those of you who are interested, Tuesday, 9/14 is the order cut off date for the Azure order  Your order will be ready for pickup Thursday, 9/16.  My drop site number is 619367 (you will need the number at check out). 

Here are some deals for this month: 
(I will be adding to the list as I am able to spend more time looking through the sales section.)

20lb box of Organic Ginger Gold Apples  $19.80
*I got a box of these last month and we really like them.  Just an FYI, they are softer in texture than, say, a Fuji, but my kids really like them because they are easier for them to eat.  Willow (who just turned 1) is even able to eat them with the peel on.

20 lb box of Organic Gala Apples  $21.00

20 lbs Organic Pickling Cucumbers  $22.00

20 lbs Organic Nectarines  $22.40


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