Tuesday, August 24, 2010

QFC Shopping & How to buy Organic meat!

You may have noticed that I have been posting the QFC weekly deals. QFC is affliated with Kroger (Fred Meyers) and has a good reputation of selling Organic, Natural, and local food that is priced affordable. Today was the last day to stock up on Draper Valley Farms (No antibiotics, hormones, vegetarian fed), from Mt.Vernon, WA., Chicken breast. Here are a few items I got that may be helpful to you if you are new to shopping Organic & Natural.

2-Heritage Farm Buttermilk r-BST Free clearance $1.78
1-Organic Valley Half 'n' Half $1.99
2-Angus All Natural Ground 9% Fat beef, No antibiotics/hormones, veg diet,
minimally processed, clearance, $10.28
2-Draper Valley Chicken thighs clearance $9.86
4-Draper Valley Chicken Breast $34.89

Total: $58.80

-$8.95 BOGO Draper Valley chicken breast
-$7.69 BOGO Draper Valley chicken breast
(I would have saved more if I had my $1 Organic Valley coupon, and I will have to call & ask if the Draper Thighs were suppose to be BOGO too.)

OOP: $42.86!



Anonymous said...

Good shopping!
I have appreciated you doing the QFC deals. Last week we stocked up on the whole chicken. Now we have 6 in our freezer :) And when they had the organic cereal for kids 50% up, my husband stopped by every day after work and I think we have enough for the next few months! After coupons they were $1.50. Amazing!
Keep up the good work! And thank you again.

Saving 4 My Family said...

Thanks Anon for leaving a comment. I missed out on the cereal deal and am kicking myself for not stocking up on the EnvironKidz PB cereal. My husband and daughter love it.