Tuesday, August 24, 2010

Groupon: $10 for $20 at Noho's Hawaiian Cafe!

Wow, another great Groupon deal today at NoHo's Hawaiian Cafe for $20 worth of food and drinks for only $10! When I use to work at OHSU hospital, I would seriously look forward to some of our catered lunches and they were usually from NoHo's! You can get this great Groupon deal HERE. You can buy up to 2 coupons, limit 1 per table, and it expires 2/25/2011.

Have you ever signed up with Groupon for the daily email alerts? You can HERE, so you can get daily deals (except for Sunday) of discounts from 40-90% off on Restaurants, Retail Shop's (like the Gap, that was a sweet deal), Salon & Spa's, and more. I just bought mine, yeah!! You have 9 more hours to buy this and already 1,889 have been purchased!


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