Sunday, June 13, 2010

Azure Standard for June

Okay, so here's the reminder I promised for all you procrastinators! The order cut off date is Tuesday, 6/15 at 4PM with a pick up date of Thursday, 6/17 after noon.

The drop site number is 619367. Missed the info on Azure? Go HERE to read up a little more about it.

For those of you who ordered a catalog and are overwhelmed by the amount of products for sale, here's a simple piece of advice:

Ignore the catalog and think about what you want/need. Type that into the "search" box at the Azure website. That will bring up all the items with that in the name. That way you can compare brands, pricing, amounts, etc.

And I think sometimes it helps to know what others have ordered. So are you wondering what I'm planning on getting this month? So far I'm getting mozzarella, feta and Parmesan cheese, dried kidney and garbanzo beans, organic whole wheat pastry flour, and balsamic vinegar. Go HERE and HERE to see pics of my other orders. :)


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