Wednesday, March 31, 2010

News Seasons 3/31-4/6

There are some great deals this week at New Seasons. You can check the ad scan here. Also, there are "Healthy Clipping" coupons found next to products through out the store. Go to the Customer Service desk and see if they have some in stock.


Maui Gold Pineapple $.99lb
Organic Baby Peeled Carrots $1.50 ea.
Organic Honey Tangerines $1.79lb
Baby Seedless Watermelon $.79lb
Organic Driscoll's Strawberries 1lb $2.99 ea.
Organic Asparagus $2.99lb


Tillamook Butter 2lb $2.50 ea. (Great price)

Tillamook Sour Cream 16oz $1.79

Stiebrs Farms Sunrise Fresh Cage-Free Eggs 18pk $1.99
-$1 mfq from Chinook book
Final price: $.99 for 18 pk!

New Seasons Market rBRST-Free 1 gal. Milk $1.99 ea.

New Seasons Market 1lb Butter $2.50 ea.

Alpenrose Whipping Cream 1 pint $1.59 ea.

Organic Valley Butter 1lb $4.49 ea.
(Reg. $5.99)
-$1 here
Final price: $3.49 ea.

Organic Valley Shredded Cheese 6oz $3.99 ea.
-$1 here, or buy 2, use $2/2 from Fred Meyer
"March" Naturally Preferred Mag, or Chinook book
Final price: $2.99 ea!

Imagine Rice Dream 32oz $1.99 ea.
-Buy 3, & use $3/3 here
Final price: $2.98 for 3!

Dryer's Ice Cream 48oz $3.50 ea.

Santini Evaporated Milk 12oz $.99 ea.


Blue Diamond Nut Thins Crackers 2/$5
-$1/2 here
Final price: $4 for 2!

So Nice Soy Milk $2.79
-$.75 here
Final price: $2.04 ea.


Dr.Oetker Organic Baking Mixes 2/$5
-$1/2 mfq found in Fred Meyer "March" Naturally Preferred mag
Final price: $4 for 2!

Wholesome Sweeteners Organic Blue Agave Nectar $4.99
-$2 IP (NLA from Mambo) &
-$2.50 mfq Chinook Book off Amber or Raw
Final price: as low as $2.49!

Spectrum Organic Mediterranean
Extra Virgin Oilive Oil 33.8oz $11.99 ea.
-$2 mfq from Chinook book
Final price: $9.99 ea! (that's 50% off!!)

Equal Exchange Organic Fair Trade Bulk Coffee $7.99
-$1 mfq Chinook Book or $1/2 mfq Mambo Sprouts
Final price: as low as $6.99!

Frontier Spices & Herbs 25% off

Bob's Red Mill 13-Bean Soup Mix $1.99lb

Woodstock Organic Dark Chocolate Chips $5.99lb

Organic Medium Shredded Coconut $3.99lb


New Seasons Maple-Cured Boneless Ham $4.99lb

Pacific Village Boneless Skinless Chx breats $4.99lb

Country Natural Beef
Boneless Beef Rib Eye Steak $10.99lb


Method Cleaning Products select varieties 25% off
-$2 Method Laundry here, or $4 IP (NLA)
-$.75 mfq from Chinook book
Final price: will vary

Ecover Cleaning Products-entire selection 25% off
-$1 here or $.75 & $1 here
Final price: will vary

As always please leave comments of any deals you come across and any coupons that match up to deals. Thanks!!



charlie54933 said...

Someone must have been hot for the organic choc chips and coconut because at the Happy Valley New Seasons the bins were dead empty. I scraped about a half pound of chips out but I couldn't even blow a coconut flake in that empty bin.

I thought the Simply Organic mini spices at 50% off were a good deal. I had some $1/2 coupons from somewhere and used those to make them .50 each.

Saving 4 My Family said...

Charlie that's crazy about the organic chocolate chips. Did you get a rain check? I know the Banana chips at Fred Meyer on Johnson Creek have been out over a week.
BTW, where are the Simply Organic coupons? I would love those & thought I saw them but can't find them.
I plan on getting some chx, Oetker mixes & pudding for cupcakes, eggs, and breakfast links.