Tuesday, March 2, 2010

Safeway $10 off $50 Scenario

Here's a VERY simplistic scenario that will work today only using the $10 off $50 coupon. Your totals will obviously be different depending on what products you buy, coupons you use, etc., but you get the idea. Basically you are combining all three to get $50 worth of items for $20.

1 24 ct. Charmin TP (P&G)
1 12 ct. Bounty paper towels (P&G)
$25 worth of items from the Freezer of Savings promo (I would buy the ones you want that don't have coupons to go with them)
$13 worth of other stuff - super coupon items from Sunday insert, produce or things you need anyway

Total: ~$50
Use $10/$50 coupon
Pay ~$40 and get back 2 $10 catalinas - one for P&G and one for Freezer Savings promo



Anonymous said...

Thank you for the simple idea, I'm going to go and try this today. I need simple because I will be taking my 3 munchkins with me. :) Thank you for the idea!

Pam said...

I did the following & I think it would have been flawless (without mgr intervention on the 10/50 cpn) if I would have added $6 more to my tx (since I think the eq's are counted as "store coupons").

Anyway, here is what I did:

19.98 - Charmin/Bounty
20.97 - 3 Bertolli (6.99ea)
5.98 - 2 Michael Angelos (2.99ea)
5.49 - Excedrin 24ct
-6 eq Charmin/Bounty
-.50 Charmin/Bounty mfg
-3 Bertolli IP
-2.99 BOGO MA IP
-5.49 FREE Excedrin (sent in the mail)
-1.50 Double
Paid: $22.94 & got back a $10FF & $10PG cat!

Anonymous said...

I bought two charmin (they were out of the bounty) and I had only catalina print. I also spent $25 on participating frozen foods. Do you have any suggestions. I'm planning on taking my receipts and talking to customer service.

Saving 4 My Family said...

Bummer! Do you know which one didn't print? I did the P&G Charmin and Bounty scenario myself this morning and the cat printed for me. I bought the 24 roll Charmin Ultra Soft and the Bounty 12 roll (both reg. price $13.99).

If customer service isn't helpful, I would call the Catalina Corp. Have your receipt with you to give them the info they will need.
(877) 210-1917

Hope it gets cleared up for you!


The life of Jayne said...

I did this and it worked...I do have a question, for the frozen food catalina, do I have to use it on frozen food, or is it good for anything?