Monday, February 1, 2010

Fred Meyer Red Tag Store: Have you been there??

Have you ever been or do you have a Fred Meyer Red Tag Store?? I didn't know there was one across the street from the Fred's on 82nd & Foster. Basically, the store takes all the clearance items from different Fred Meyer's and the Red Tag Store sells items 60% off the clearance or Sale price. The only draw back is that once you buy the item, it's "all Sales Final." So you can't take it back.

In case you are wondering, The FM Red Tag store gets there freight truck shipment on Thursdays. So Friday's or Saturdays would be best time to shop. I almost forgot to tell you that they have 2 rows of toys to choose from. The clerk didn't know if you could use Manufacturer coupons, but you could always bring them and have them scanned to know for sure. The store reminds me of Ross, because it has a little bit of Everything.

Here's what I got:
Sketcher Sandals $11.99
Madden girl shoes $13.99
Pink sparkle shoes $7.99 (not super cheap, but super cute!)
Denim skirt $3.99
Blue skirt $2.99
White tee $2.99

Total: $43.54 (that's $7.25 each for 6 items, not bad!)


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