Tuesday, January 26, 2010

Weekly Grocery Savings

Fred Meyer Shopping

I was pleasantly surprised to find such great deals on Organic food at Fred Meyers today. I couldn't believe how many items I found for clearance. If you want to know prices on items or where to find a coupon please leave a comment and I can tell you. Also, I got the Laura Lean (Organic) Beef on clearance & was able to use that $1 printable here!

Total before coupons: $54.23

After Fred Meyer In-ad Coupons & Manufacturer coupons: $37.09!

Portland Fruit Co.

I love Portland Fruit Co. and their great costumer service. They don't always have Organic but sometimes they do. The manager was kind enough to give me 4 bundles of Basil he was going to throw out.

All this for: $13.15!

With the food I bought today will be for my menu this week and next. Here are a couple of highlights of what I will be making this week. BTW, this is a step up for me to actually plan and make new meals.

Christina's Menu Plan

Tuesday (tonight) : Asian Chicken Wraps $5 Dinner Mom! + salad!
Wednesday: Crockpot Thai Curry + salad.
Thursday: Red Lentil Dhal (Vegan) FM Naturally Preferred Mag.
Friday: Rice Noodles with Chicken + salad.
Saturday: Rachel & Felicity's Minestrone (Vegan) FM Naturally Preferred Mag.
Sunday: Meatballs & Pasta! +salad.

Also, I love to make PW's Pizza dough but I cook it at 375 degrees for 17-20 minutes. I can use all these fresh veggies, chicken I bought today, and Cheese from the Fred Meyer Kraft Promo this last Sunday to make healthy Pizza that is not expensive!



Melonie said...

Yay - great deals! :-)

Saving Addiction said...

Great deals on heathy food! great job!