Friday, October 8, 2010

Target Price Guide - Part 2

Last time, I went over Azure Standard (go HERE if you missed it), what I've bought there and their pricing.   Today, I'll try to go over my target prices on the other things our family buys on a regular basis.

Basically, if I'm not able to fit organic in the budget, I either buy the item from Trader Joes (all their brand name items are GMO free) or try to follow the Clean 15 and Dirty Dozen rule.

Yogurt - $.50 each - I buy Tillamook right now. I've tried other natural varieties and the family hated them.

Butter:  $2 or less. I make sure it is made from rBST free milk. Usually Tillamook or New Seasons brands. Organic just isn't in the budget right now!

Eggs:  $4/dozen for organic in store.  I have recently started purchasing free range eggs from a local farm for $3 a dozen.

Organic Milk:  $5/gallon or less. I am looking into raw milk which will be substantially more, but haven't made the switch yet.

Sour Cream:  $1.50/carton.  I usually buy Tillamook Natural variety.

Cream Cheese:  $1.50 for organic.  Cream cheese lasts a long time.  When it goes on sale (usually at New Seasons) I stock up.

Half & Half:  $1.29/pint for organic.  I am usually able to get Organic Valley with a coupon at this price.

Boneless, skinless chicken Breasts: $3.99/lb - New Seasons' Pacific Village chicken breasts go on sale 2-3 times a year at this price, and I stock up when they do.

Ground beef or turkey: $2.99/lb - New Seasons

Fish:  My husband is a huge fisherman, so I don't ever actually buy fish.

Other meat: 
  • Tuna fish - we can our own (see above)
  • Lunch meat - I don't buy this.  Organic is super expensive ($5.99-$6.99 per package) so we just make veggie sandwiches.
  • Beef - we rarely eat beef, but have decided to purchase 1/4 of a cow this year at $2.50/lb. 

Other Grocery
Peanut Butter: $3 for organic

Jam:  I make my own with berries I've picked or frozen.

Organic Chicken Stock: $1.50/carton

Organic Bread:  $2/loaf or less. I buy all my bread from Dave's Killer Bread Outlet Store.

Bulk items:  I compare the price to Azure.

Chips:  $2.50 at Trader Joes

Salsa:  $2.50 for organic

Almonds:  $3.99/lb

Organic White Flour:  $1/lb  I buy this at Bob's Red Mill (cheaper than Azure).

Yeast:  $4.09 for a pretty large bag at Bob's Red Mill.  I do quite a bit of baking, and it lasts me about 6 months.

Fresh Fruits & Veggies
These prices are obviously seasonal and harder to stick to a target price.  We generally try to eat what is in season to cut down on cost, and follow the Clean 15/Dirty Dozen rule.

This is the bulk of what we normally buy.  Leave a comment if you have any questions regarding anything I've missed or any ideas you have to share on how you save money on Natural and Organic groceries!


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Laura said...

WinCo currently has Tillamook yogurt for 43 cents each; that is my stock-up price. Costco also sells it sometimes for around that price, but less than 50 cents.

Check out the butter (organic and regular) prices at Costco; you can also get 1 1/2 dozen organic eggs for less than $ there (although this last week they didn't have organic eggs for some reason).

Also, check out WinCo's bulk foods for Bob's Red Mill items, although I'm not sure if they sell their organic flour or not (organic sugar, yes); they're usually cheaper than you would pay at the mill!