Sunday, August 15, 2010

Fred Meyer 8/15-8/21


Organic mini-peeled Carrots $1.50

Organic Cucumbers $1 (great price!)

Organic leaf lettuce $1.50

Organic Grapes $1.49lb (these are SO good!)

Organic Blackberries 1/2 pint $2.50 ea.

Organic Grape Tomatoes $2.50

Organic Green Onions $.68 ea.

Large Avocados $1.25 ea. (Clean 15)


Organic Valley Milk singles $1
Buy 3 for $3
-$1/3 mfq from 8/8 SS insert, or tearpad
Final price: $2 for 3!

Annie's Organic Pasta Mac & Cheese $1
Buy 2 for $2
-$.75/2 mfq booklet found at Fred Meyers
Final price: $1.25 for 2!

Santa Cruz Organic Lemonade or Ice Tea's $1.25 ea!

Que Pasa Tortilla Chips GMO-Free (YEAH!!) $3.50 ea!

Imagine Foods or Rice Dream 3/$5 or $1.67ea.
Buy 2 for $3.34
-$1/2 HERE or $1 HERE when you sign up
Final price: $2.34 for 2!

Fresh Wild Salmon (Coho) $7.99lb!



Stefanie said...

The 75 cents off 1 Annie's coupons from the Healthy Clippings booklet work at FM too, which makes each box of mac and cheese 25 cents.

3/$5 = $1.67, not $1.33 on the Soy/ Rice Dream drinks.

Saving 4 My Family said...

Stefanie, thanks for the coupon info and helping me with my fuzzy math :)


Anna said...

I found a tear pad at a couple of Annie's display boxes for .75/2 plus free lunch box info.

Anonymous said...

I purchased Annie's Mac N Cheese from Target this weekend for $1. I bought 2 and just submitted my online request for the free canvas lunch sack. Will be nice to have!