Saturday, August 7, 2010

The Children's Place 20% off coupon + sale!

If you are getting ready to do some Back to School shopping, check out The Children's Place.  I stopped in there today with this 20% off coupon and scored some great deals! 

I'm not sure of the pricing on girl's clothes, since I was shopping for Aspen, but do know that all little boy's jeans are $10.  Older boys jeans are $12.  Tee shirts are $5 (short and long sleeve!).  Additionally, all clearance is at $2.99.

I walked away spending just $50 for the following:
- 1 pair of older boy jeans
- 3 short sleeved tee shirts
- 3 long sleeved tee shirts
- 2 baby onesies
- 1 pair of baby overalls
- 1 pair of baby shorts
- 2 one piece baby outfits

That worked out to just $3.85 per item!  I don't think you could do much, if any, better at a resale or thrift shop!


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