Monday, August 9, 2010

Azure Standard for August

For those of you interested in ordering from Azure this month, the order cut off date will be Tuesday, August 17th.  Pick up will be Thursday, August 19th.

I'll try to update this post with any deals I see for August as I have time.

Here are some deals that I see:

Julie's Organic Ice Cream
Case 6 pints  $16.50 ($2.75 each!)

25 lbs Wholesome Organic Sucanat  $44.20 
(I got this last month, and have been very happy with it)

10 lbs  Organic Seminola Penne pasta  $19.40

Late July Mini Organic Sandwich crackers  $2.70
(Trader Joes has these for $2.99)

Natural Value Organic Dijon Mustard  8oz  $1.45
Biokleen Automatic Dish Soap, Citrus - 50 lbs  $74.80
(I also got this last month.  It is enough to do 1600 dishwasher loads!)

Follow Your Heart Organic Ranch Dressing  $2.30



zkamph said...

I've never ordered from Azure but would like to. Where is the pickup? I live in McMinnville so would be driving up there for pickup. I have set up an account, so do I order on their website and pay there? Thanks, Zephyr

Saving 4 My Family said...


My pickup is in Happy Valley/Clackamas area. You can call Azure directly and see if there are any drop sites closer to you so that you don't have to drive so far.

When you order online, at check out they will ask for a drop site number. Mine is 619367. If you do order this month, can you send me an email letting me know? Pick up may be a little different than normal this month. Thanks!