Tuesday, June 22, 2010

This Month's Azure Order

Wow, this last week was a crazy one for me! Last day of school for Aspen, garage sale prep, Azure order pick up, garage sale over the weekend, anniversary, Father's Day....so glad it's over! All that to say, sorry about the photo quality. I was lucky to have a chance to take a picture :)

Here's what I got this month:
25 lbs Organic whole wheat pastry flour $10.60
5 lbs Garbonzo beans $3.70
2.2 lbs Organic kidney beans $4.85
5 lbs Cornmeal $3.65
5 lbs Organic chocolate chips $31.05 (huge amount, but should last us at least a year, if not more)
1 lb Organic banana chips $3.40
5lbs Baking soda $3.25
6 lbs Mozzarella cheese $17.95 (this lasted us 2 months last time I ordered)
.45 lb Feta cheese $2.93
Napa Valley organic balsmic vinegar $4.60

Total: $85.98

FYI: The next Azure order will be July 15th. If you haven't ordered from Azure before but want to, feel free! I'll post a reminder next month.


1 comment:

Anonymous said...

Great order! How do you store your mozzarella cheese?