Sunday, June 6, 2010

Safeway Shopping

I ended up finding a way to use my $10 off $50 coupon. Last month I realized that one good way for me to use the $10/$50 coupon was to stock up on yogurt. We are pretty brand loyal to Tillamook yogurt because they are GMO free and local. My target price is $.50 each. After the $10/$50 coupon, they came out to $.48 each, and 30 should last us for a month.

1 Bounty 12 pack paper towels $9.99 (-$3 e-savers coupon)
1 Charmin 24 pack TP $9.99 (-$3 e-savers coupon)
4 Hefty One Zips $1.25 ea WYB 4
4 Ziploc containers $1.99 ea WYB 4
30 Tillamook yogurts $.60 ea
1 Mission tortilla chips $1.99
1 pineapple $2.99
3 avocados $.78 ea
1 Tillamook cheese $5.99

-$10/$50 SFWY coupon
-2 $1/2 Hefty IP
-1 $1.50/2 Ziplock IP
-$.75 Mission IP
-$2 DBL
Final Price: $40.50 + got back 2 $2 catalinas for buying the Ziplock containers.

Check out Frugal Living NW for the details on the Ziplock catalina deal going on. If you have any doubt about whether your tupperware has BPA in it, throw it out and stock up for free or almost free!


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Bethany said...

You should try to re-use your containers that may have BPA instead of throwing them out. You can use them for organizing nuts & bolts in the garage, as long your not chewing on them or eating out of them you will be fine.