Thursday, June 17, 2010

Organic & Natural Living Thursdays!

Are you wanting to go Green & Save "virgin trees" in our forest? You can by buying 100% recycled Toilet paper or bath tissue products. Recently, I have been thinking about how to make the switch from buying conventional toilet paper vs. recycled toilet paper. Well, it's pretty easy since companies like Marcal & Seventh Generation have coupons that are in the Sunday newspaper & on their websites.

Marcal bath tissue is 100% recycled paper & has been on sale at Fred Meyers for $5.99 for a 12 count double roll that is septic safe. Last month there was a $2 coupon and this month a $1 coupon, making this eco-friendly product very affordable for my budget and good for the environment. I've been more focused on buying Natural products without bleaching, fragrance, parfumes, and are hypoallgenic, because honestly we don't want them on our bums! Yes, occasionally I will still buy conventional at times, but at least I will buy Marcal & Seventh Generation 85% of the time.

If your interested in buying Marcal you can go HERE, and print a $1 coupon and try it out for yourself. Also, I would encourage you to contact these companies and let them know what you think about there products & ask for money saving coupons. You will be benefiting your family, the company, and the environment!

Do you have some eco/frugal tips you would like to share with us and our readers? It's always great hearing from you.


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Diana said...

I just gotta say that I love the Marcal Small Steps TP. We stocked up last fall when it first came out and was on sale @ FM for $4.99 and then $2/1 Q's. We recently ran out and we are very disappointed in the cheap brands of TP and our former favorite. Thanks for the link to the Q. The deal is not as good as we stocked up on, but it's better than the sale price (no Q) of our former brand.