Wednesday, June 9, 2010

New Seasons: Natures Path EnviroKidz $.49!

**Edit 6/11, the $1.50 coupon is for the bigger cereal Eco-Pac, sorry about the confusion. However, if you have the $1 coupon from the Chinook Book, then you can get this great cereal for $.99! Which is a great price.**

This cereal is on sale at New Seasons this week for $1.99. Use the $1.50 coupon from the Healthy Clippings Booklet & get it for $.49!



Kai said...

Where can one acquire this said clippings booklet?? =)

Also, do you have an RSS link for your site?? If not, throw one up!! I follow all my favorite blogs through RSS apps like Google Reader (as do many others), but I couldn't find your link.

Love the site! I live in St. John's, so this is great stuff!!

Saving 4 My Family said...

Hi Kai, you can get these booklets at New Seasons either at Customer Svc or at the cashier register. The coupon expires 6/30th so all the booklets maybe gone now, since a new booklet will be out soon.


Anonymous said...

FYI-My husband went to New Seasons today and thought the coupon was good for the $1.99 boxes, but found out that it is for the Eco Pac(it's written on the coupon) which is a bigger size than the one that's on sale.