Saturday, May 8, 2010

Walgreens Rewards Card!

If you live in Portland, OR your in luck because Walgreens now has a Rewards cards. Unfortunately, it's only for select states and you can go HERE and enter your zip code to see if you are eligible. If your state is eligible then you will be prompt to Registration where you can enter your name, address, user name, and password. Once you've completed Registering then you can choose if you want to print out your form and pick up your Rewards card at the store or have it mailed to you. From some of the comments I've read it looks like it's "possible" that this Rewards card maybe replacing the Register Rewards. Anyone know for sure? As of right now, you can get the Rewards card and still get RR's on eligible purchases.

  1. Register HERE!

  2. Once completed you will be prompt to print your registration form which you can bring in to Waglreens and they will give you your Rewards card, or you can have it mailed.

  3. You will be given 500 points just for registering.

  4. For every $1 you spend you get 10 Reward points.

  5. For every Rx you fill you will get 100 Reward points.

  6. Once you reach 2000 points you get a $5 Wag's Certificate!

  7. Redeemed Rewards include: Wag's Certificates, Gift Cards, or merchandise.

Thanks Hip2Save! Also, if you are wanting to see Walgreens Deals that start tomorrow Sunday 5/9-5/15 go HERE.


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