Saturday, May 29, 2010

Sunday 5/30 No Coupon Inserts!

Just an FYI, there will be No coupon inserts in this Sunday's 5/30 Newspaper due to the Holiday. Have a great Memorial Day Weekend!



SchemL said...

Some people are saying that there could be a General Mills insert this week. Go figure, right?!

Kelly said...

does anyone know the connection between holidays and coupons? I've always wondered why we don't get them, especially on holidays that are known for big shopping & sales..

Bekki said...

FYI..for some reason, the Columbian (Vancouver's paper) has coupons, even on the holidays. There was an insert sponsored by Suze Orman that has coupons inside.

Diana said...

There was a very small GM insert in today's Oregonian. It was super tiny and not worth buying the paper. But it was there!

Saving 4 My Family said...

Thanks ladies for the updates. I was tempted to buy the paper but decided not to. I usually stop by coffee shops to pick up the ads & coupons for free in the recycle bin (yup, I'm one of those lol!)

Kelly, Im not sure why there are no coupons in the sunday paper during the holidays.

Christina :)