Monday, May 17, 2010

Piccolina: New & Resale Boutique for Kids & Maternity

This last weekend we had such great weather here in Portland, that my family and I rode our bikes to one of our favorite coffee shop. Across the street noticed a new shop on Se Woodstock called, "Piccolina."

Piccolina sells new & resale boutique for kids & Maternity.

Most clothing items are priced at $7.50 ea. and the brands they are carry are:
Pumpkin Patch
Hanna Anderson
Old Navy
and few others

Another great thing about this store is that they Buy, Sell, Trade, and Consign. So I went through my girls clothes to look for the brands they sell and my Maternity clothes and was able to make an in-store credit of $36!
I got the clothes above for $63-$36 in-store credit=$27 OOP!

Not bad for all Gymboree clothes that I bought, & they are in great condition. Plus, I will make a little extra cash for the Maternity clothes, and I'm supporting a local business. You can read more about the Buy, Sell, Trade, Consign info HERE!


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