Monday, April 12, 2010

(Mostly) Organic Shopping

We've had some questions about how we are buying organic food on a budget. Sometimes I think it's nice to just have a picture, and then the break down of the "how". So this is for all you visual people. :)

The food in the above picture was from Safeway, Fred Meyer and Franz Bakery Bread Outlet.

3 Starbucks ice cream (part of Buy 3, Save $3, used $2/2 eCoupon & 2 $.75 IP doubled) = $2.37
3 O Organics milk $1.99 ea. w/ in ad coupon
1 jalapeno = $.12
Final Total: $8.45

Fred Meyer
3 Imagine organic chicken broth (used 3 $1 IP) = $1 ea.
1 Starbucks coffee (used $1 mfq) = $4.99 ea.
1 Sun Chips (used Free Facebook coupon) = FREE
Final Total: $7.99

9 loaves Organic whole wheat bread = $1 ea.!
2 packs whole wheat hamberger buns = $.50 ea.
2 packs bagels = FREE! (you get 2 free items when you spend $10)
Final Total: $10

New Seasons
4 organic mangos = $1 ea.
3 bags Cascadian Farms organic veggies (used 3 $1 IP) = $.99 ea.
2 Organic Valley sour cream (used $2/2 mfq) = $2.39 ea.
4 Cascadian Fresh yogurt = $.59 ea.
Final Total: $14.07

So all totaled, I spent $40.51 and am stocked up on sour cream, chicken broth, coffee, frozen veggies and bread for the rest of the month (probably into next month as well).



Anonymous said...

pacific organic milk is 1.60 a half gallon at grocery outlet when you use the 5 off 25 chinook book coupon. this has been my "buy" price for years.

Lisa said...

You did great! Thanks for posting with pics - like that. I've been wanting to go to the Franz outlet...the prices you paid this time, are things usually that low priced? I think we can all start to buy more organic if we just put a little more thought into it. I never really thought of going that way, until you started it here on a blog. So just know you are making a differece in other families besides your own and I want to thank you for taking the time to do that! :)

Anonymous said...

You ladies rock! Love the effort you put into the healthy side of living frugal:-) Thanks for all you do!

Saving 4 My Family said...

Lisa - I've shopped at Franz for years and my experience is that you never really know what they will have on the "deal" shelf - day old stuff. Usually I'm able to stock up on organic bread for between $1-$1.50 a loaf, but there have been a few times that I've been in and there haven't been any deals on organic bread - usually Mondays.