Sunday, April 11, 2010

Fred Meyer 4/11-4/17

Organic & Natural

Darigold Butter 2/$4 w/in-ad coupon (limit 4)
-$.40 here (sweet!)
Final price: $$1.60 ea!

Organic Mangos $1.25

Organic Peeled Mini Carrots $1.50

Clif, Clif C, Luna or Luna Protein Bars $1
-Buy 3, & use $1/3 from April Naturally Preferred Mag
found at Fred Meyer in the Organic section or
-$.50 mfq Luna here
Final price: $2 for 3 Clif bars, or $.50 Luna!

Quorn Products $3.50
-Buy 2, and use $2/2 from Spring Healthy Clippings booklet
found at New Seasons (these are free!)
Final price: $5 for 2!

Chino Valley Organic Brown Eggs Lg. $3.49

Genisoy products 30% off
-$1 mfq Genisoy Soy or Sweet Crisp
from Healthy Clippings book found at New Seasons

BioKleen products 30% off
-this is a local company from Vancouver, WA

Seventh Generation 30% off
-Get coupons here or $1 mfq from April Naturally Preferred Mag
found at Fred Meyer in the Organic Section

Mrs. Meyers Cleaning Products 40% off
-$5/$25 when you sign up here, bottom of pg. for online orders only
(this is a great discount on these products!)


Pineapple $2.50

Fresh Selection or Fresh Express Salad Blends $2

Large Navel Oranges $.58lb

Large Hothouse Tomatoes $1.68lb

Lay's Kettle Cooked Chips $2.28
-Buy 2, use $1/2 mfq from 3/21 SS insert
Final price: $3.56 for 2!

Fred Meyer Extra Lg Eggs or

Country Oven or Vita Bee Bread 4/$5 w/in-ad coupon
-$1 tearpad for FM eggs when you buy Chulla hotsauce

Tree Top Apple Juice or Blends 3/$5
-$1/2 here
Final price: $2.32 for 2!



Amy said...

There are also 2 Seventh Generation coupons in todays paper.
I am getting ready to switch to these types of cleaning products. Have you used these?

Stefanie said...

Amy - I use the dish liquid and love it.

Saving 4 My Family said...

Hi Amy! I use the dishsoap for my dishes and to mop my floor. These are great products and I have also bought the garbage bags & diapers when they are at least 40% off & with a coupons. Also, sign up for the newsletter there are some great tips and videos.

Chrisitna :)

Amy said...

Thanks!! I will start watching for them. I have seen some at target, but just got my coupon stash ready.
And my floors are driving me crazy, I have been looking for a new cleaner. I will give it a try.