Monday, March 8, 2010

Financial Goals: February check list & March Goals

Here is a recap of my February Financial Goals I made in January. Also, you can check out our 2010 Goals here too.

Baby steps for February Financial Goals 2010:

1. Start Cash Envelope System for:
I didn't do this well, so I'm starting over & making new changes.
Groceries $250
Household $30-$50
(diapers/wipes, toiletries, and cleaning products)
Allowance for myself $100
(this may seem like a lot but this will be my first trial run)
Clothes $150 (usually every other month)

2. Save up $3000: Met!
3. Put $80 a week in Savings: Met!
4. Give to someone in need: Met!
5. Pay off personal loan (almost there!): Met & just paid this off!
6. Pay off our Land Rover:
Not met, but paying an extra $100 on Loan!
7. Save up money for another car or vacation, not sure just yet??
we were going to buy a used Volvo paying cash, but decided to save our money and use it for our house projects. We have a 1906 Farm style home that we enjoy (ok, love/hate) fixing up. We save up money for projects here and there and that is what we are going to do with extra money saved.

Ok, so here are my March Financial Goals:

1. Cash envelope system for:
Groceries $250 budget, so far this is looking good since I have a $40 GC for Fred Meyers, a $10 Catalina to spend at Safeway, and Pantry and Freezer stocked with Food. Truly, I just need to buy fresh produce, Dairy, and foods for menu planning.

Household items: $30-$50 budget
Track Savings on a spreadsheet

2. Save up to $500 in Savings.

3. Continue to put $80 in Savings a week.

4. Give to someone in Need.

5. Continue to Pay off Land Rover & make $100+ over Regular payment

6. Be a better Menu planner, ha!

7. Write out To-do's more often and check off the list & stop being a scatter brain.

8. Buy more Organic food.

9. Finish reading a book I started this last summer while I was pregnant.

10. Organize rooms and clutter around the house in the basement.

I know some of these are not financial goals, but just personal goals I have. It's good to get them on paper or epaper I should say. I really want to get more organized in my life with finances, planning, cooking, and organizing our home. Of course, if I don't meet these goals I've made it's ok because I can say that I tried & will continue to be a better economist for our family. So don't be yourself up if you make goals and can't make them. Being Frugal and saving money is something new to me. I've only been using coupons and posting these deals for the past 2 1/2 years and I'm learning as I go.

Also, here are a couple of sites I enjoy for some of the goals I have made:


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