Saturday, February 6, 2010

Safeway Shopping!

Pillsbury Sweet Rolls Deal!!
I got all 4 for $3.46 & got back a $2 Catalina, so $1.46 for 4 Rolls.
I had (2) $.95 IP's, $.40/2 mq, & $2.40 in eCoupons.

I had a successful trip to Safeway today. I was able to do the Pillsbury & NV Granola Bar & Nut Clusters deal too. I got everything in 1 transaction & used the $10/$50 Safeway coupon in addition to Safeway in-ad coupons, Safeway Manufacturer coupons found in the "Make It Tonight booklet," plus manufacturer & eCoupons.

Here's what I got:
4-NV Granola Bars $6 -$.80 eCoupons, -$2.05 mq's =$3.15
4-NV Nut Clusters $6 -$2 eCoupons, -$4 IP's =FREE
3-5pk Pillsbury Sweet Rolls $5.67 -$2.40 eCoupons, $4.30 SFWY Coupons/mq=$3.46
1-Pillsbury Sweet Rolls 8 pk $2.49
1-Dryers Ice Cream $2.49 -$1 mq =$1.49
1-Mayo $3.49 -$2.50 SFWY coupons & $.75 IP=$.24
4-Mission Tortillas 10 ct $7.96 -$4 SFWY coupon & $2.25 mq's=$1.71
1-Reynolds foil 75sq ft. $3.19 -$.50 SFWY coupon & $1 mq=$1.69
1-SFWY coconut flakes $1.50
1-SFWY Flour $1.69
2-Sunday papers $4
1-SFWY Eye Solution $1.99
1-Foster Farms Chicken breast $8.57 -$3 clearance sticker=$5.57
2-Craisens $2.99 BOGO
1-Dial Soap 8 pk $3.99 -$1 SFWY coupon
2-Nabisco Wheat Thins $4 -$2 SFWY coupon & $2/2 IP=Free
1-Quilted Northern TP $6.99 -$1 SFWY coupon & $1 mq=$4.99
1-Brawny Paper Towels $6.99 -$1 SFWY coupon & 1 mq =$4.99
1-Duracell 6pk $5.69 -$2 SFWY coupon & $1.50 mq =$2.19
2-Ragu Pasta Sc. $2.50 -$1/2 SFWY coupon & $.60 mq =$.90

Total before coupons & eCoupons: $88.19

After SFWY in-ad & SFWY manufacturer coupons, manufacturer & eCoupons, $10/$50 & SFWY $2 DBL:

Final OOP: $30.27, that's a savings of: 77% + I received $2 Catalina!

Let us know if you have had some successful shopping trips at Safeway this week :)



Elizabeth said...

Was there a Safeway ad in the Sunday Oregonian for some free items again? Abundant Food Savings is reporting that.

Stefanie said...

Elizabeth - yes, it is only good for today (Sunday) and with a $50 purchase. Its all football-party related kinds of food.

Saving 4 My Family said...

Elizabeth, I haven't found my yet. Bummer, I wish I had saw Abundant's post. I love her blog :)

Thanks Stefanie :)

Dommi said...

I went today and spent $88 and I saved $124 - 60% savings. But I bought batteries, diapers, trash bags, and some other items that I just needed. Oh and they didn't have anymore of the free potato salads from the in ad coupon, or it would have been even better!

Pam said...

Nice work!

I ended up doing a deal with mostly e-coupon items since some expire today.

Here's what I got:

5 NV Sweet/Salty bars
2 NV Oat/Honey bars
1 NV Cluster
3 Trix cereal
1 Lucky Charms cereal
1 BC Warm Delight (for overage!)
1 BC Frosting (for overage!)
4 Pills crescent rolls (small pack)
2 Pills cinn rolls (small pack)
1 Best Foods Mayo

All for $.21 & I got another $4 Pills cat!! It's been awhile since I've been bh'ing (I'm pg with #3), so it was nice to get some things I wanted/craved (Trix!) for so cheap! :)

Saving 4 My Family said...

Wow Pam, you ROCK! That's amazing!

Congrats on the pregnancy too. Funny, I was just thinking about you today wondering if you were going to have another. When are you due?


Pam said...

Thanks Erika! Too funny...I'm actually due mid-May with another boy (so it will be boy-girl-boy for us!). Love seeing the pictures of your 3! They are getting so big!